Warehouse Rental

We have more than 5000 square meters of cold and warm storage area in which backline, decorations
and/or lighting and sound can be stored. All areas are equipped with modern fire protection and safety
technology. You can have constant access to your equipment and our loading service is available around
the clock. Loading by means of our adjustable ramps, tailored to each truck size.

Maintenance & Repair

Our warehouse is connected directly to our modern electric, wood, and metal workshops as well as our tailoring and paint service. We repair everything from cables to consoles or set-up elements. We also offer regular maintenance and cleaning of your equipment inventory. For German customers, we are qualified to execute the required tests for BGV motors, cables and equipment.

Set-up & Breakdown

In addition to our technological infrastructure and rehearsal facilities, you can book qualified personnel through us in almost every field of event technology (eg workers, truckers, rigging crew, or production staff), the continuity within our staff and volunteer crew guarantees you an experienced team and smooth set-up and breakdown of your event.


We not only supply the necessary technology and personnel, but with the continued help of our project managers and specialists in various areas of lighting design as well as sound engineering, we can assemble a complete professional production team for you. The interweaving of planning and implementation ensures a safe understanding of your event.