Rehearsal Hall 3 has opened!

Clearance 19m | 100 Tons load capacity  | 1200 Amps fixed installed power

The 9th Year of New Music Award

On 9th of the December the final of NMA takes place at the rehesal hall of Black Box Music.

Exhibition Tom Anholt – INSIDE OUT

The 2nd exhibition of Tom Anholt at the upcoming new Black Box Music hall.

Patrice @ BBM

You can’t overhear that German artist Patrice doesn’t only have a passion for reggae, but also for soul,hip-hop and blues.

Käptn Peng @ BBM

Käptn Peng & die Tentakel von Delphi persuade with good beats and intelligent lyrics.

Junip @ BBM

With the Indie-Dark-Pop Duo Junip, singer-songwriter José Gonzáles’ career started.

Glasvegas @ BBM

Glasgow-based Alternative-rockers Glasvegas already were supporting U2 on tour.

Sophie Hunger @ BBM

Sophie Hunger puts Folk, Jazz and Rock together – and together with her warm voice, a unique sound is created.

Jazzanova @ BBM

The Berlin-based Nu Jazz collective Jazzanova was founded in 1996 and started adding some guest musicians to their group in 2008.

Graveyard @ BBM

Graveyard are from Göteborg, play psychedelic Hard-Rock and supported Soundgarten and Witchcraft on tour.

The Hives @ BBM

The Hives are one of a kind-since 1993, the swedish Band are rocking stages with their unique sound.


“Time to pretend” marked the start of Indietronic-masterminds MGMT’s career in 2008.

Abby @ BBM

Berlin-based band Abby are playing a unique mixture of Indie-Pop, Electro and 70ies vibes.

Flying Illusion 2015

Breakdance and Illusion.

Andreas Kümmert @ BBM

Andreas Kümmert at BBM for his music Video.

In Extremo @ BBM

Tour preparations and video shoot of In Extremo in our rehearsal halls.

Beatsteaks @ BBM

Extreme experiences of the Black Box team in shoot with the Beatsteaks.

Jenix @ BBM

Jenix used the rehearsal hall 2 to shoot part of their video “Here We Go Again”

The Black Pony @ BBM

The Black Pony shoot their video "Scars and Bruises" in Rehearsal Hall 2

Rammstein @ BBM

Rammstein Video & Performance @ Rehearsal Hall 2