Three days in a row, from 22nd till 24th of September, the TV channel arte was recording Berlin live– not at Trafo as in the previous years, but at BBM´s concert hall, where famous bands like SEEED have already rehearsed their shows. Two shows were recorded each night with an impressive line-up. For the first show, the Swedish rock bands „The Hives“ and „Graveyard“ went on stage and made a great start for the night. The alternative Hip-Hop band „Käptn Peng und die Tentakel von Delphi“ followed by Sophie Hunger took over the stage at 10pm for the second recording of the first night. On 23rd of Septemper, „Patrice“ (more…)
Event Rookie reports about Black Box Music at the TV Show Berlin Live: „But the real star was Black Box Music, showing what they are made of during their first TV production. (…) We have everything on site: electricity, rigging points, backstage area and control rooms – we offer the total package.“ (Event Rookie „TV show at Black Box Music“ 08/2013 issue )
Sebastian Fitzek celebrated the book premiere of his new thriller „Noah“ on January 18th and 19th at Black Box Music. With his new opus „NOAH“, released on December 20th, 2013, the best-selling author has written a thriller full of suspense taking up a highly topical, controversial issue. The images that have been created in the reader´s minds by this powerfully written story will probably last for a long time. Apposite to this „mental cinema“, the producers Carl Crinx and „Sir“ Maximilian Crinx composed an original soundtrack for this book. Under the name „Buffer Underrun“ they played the soundtrack live with the musicians Jules Kalmbacher and Phil Rittmannsperger during Fitzek´s lection. (more…)
After the tour of the finalists of the 2nd season of “The Voice of Germany” had thrilled more than 70,000 people, a total of 10 shows all over Germany were of course now also scheduled for the turn of the year 2013/2014. The start of the series was the concert in Cologne on December 27, 2013. Subsequently, the finalists went on touring through Germany until the series ended with the show in Munich (more…)
Production Partner reports about Black Box Music at “Toten Hosen” in Tempelhof: „The PA system in Tempelhof was provided by Black Box Music Veranstaltungstechnik and was being used on the entire „Der Krach der Republik“ tour of the „Toten Hosen.“” (Production Partner „Krach der Republik“ 02/2014 issue)
2013 was a very successful year for The BossHoss: they were jury members of the TV show „The Voice of Germany“, released a new album in October 2013 and went on Germany tour afterwards. The latest album by Boss, Hoss, Russ, Ernesto, Guss, Sir Frank Doe and Hank is called „Flames of Fame“ and with a mixture of rock, country and bigband music, it really does convey the cowboy feeling, especially when played live on stage. October 24th, the BossHoss played a show at the Max-Schmeling-Halle in Berlin in front of an audience of 12,000.00 people. Support acts were the „Jägermeister Blaskapelle“ and „The Graveltones“. The show started with dropping a huge curtain with the band´s logo from the ceiling and went on for about 2 hours, leaving the audience totally excited, (more…)
Fernfahrer reports about Black Box Music at the “The BossHoss Tour”: “Black Box Music owns ten trucks, two of them were among the five trucks that were used on the BossHoss tour: two brandnew Actros 1845 Lowliner Euro 6, completely designed in black.” (Fernfahrer „Musik Express -The BossHoss on tour“ 01/2014 issue)
Melodie&Rhythmus reports about Black Box Music: „He founded the company BBM Veranstaltungstechnik in 1992, it grew continuously since then, moved to larger and larger locations until BBM found its place at a former industrial site on the northern edge of Berlin in Wilhelmsruh in 2006. Now, there are three large halls where boxes, spotlights and mixer consoles are being stored, ready to be shipped to places all over the world.“ (MELODIE & RHYTHMUS „Rock`n`Roll shadow economy“, January/February 2014 issue)
Andreas Kümmert, winner of the casting show “The Voice of Germany” was shooting the music video of his song “Simple Man “ at BBM´s rehearsal hall 1.
After the successful introduction of K1, L-Acoustics is currently doing a field trial with K2. Three European partners are supporting the company during the K2 test phase: Black Box Music from Berlin, SSE (UK) and Concept Even (F). All three companies have field-tested the K2, either as main system or in addition to the K1. The owners of the K2 and the engineers operating the system were very pleased with its perfomance. Florent Bernard (Director of Application/Touring at L-Acoustics) stated that the K2 can be used similar to the V-DOSC, that means for events with an audience up to 20,000.00 people. The K2 indeed has the same maximum SPL and the same bandwith as the V-DOSC. Therefore, V-DOSC will be replaced by K2 in the product range of L-Acoustics. The K2 can be regarded as a K1 system design rescaled into a 12“ compact and flexible format. BBM was the only German company supporting the test phase and BBM already owns 72 L-Acoustics K2. BBM is going to increase the stock to a total of 96 L-Acoustics K2 until the beginning of the season in 2014. The new Chromlech Elidy-BIG is a unique LED matrix, which can be used (more…)