AudioRent Clair has announced the acquisition of TDA, the newest organization to become a part of the Clair Global family of companies. (more…)
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Adele – a name everyone knows, as well as the incompareable, powerful voice behind her. It’s not surprising that her shows neither require dancers in tight outfits or high-tech special effects, nor a costume change every two songs, because Adele’s concerts focus on what is supposed to be focused on. The music.   Black Box was honored to be part of the tour of award-winning and world musician Adele and provide the entire sound equipment for her 105 arena shows across Europe, the USA, Canada and South America. And it’s far from beeing over yet! (more…)
For a Artist MTV Unplugged is almost like a knightly accolade. A very special opportunity to present the musicality of the artists and the structural beauty of the songs – to revitalize their biggest hits. Now Westernhagen has played his MTV Unplugged in Berlin and caused deep–seated feelings of happiness, while he was presenting 24 of his songs unplugged in the context of two highly acclaimed concerts at Berlin Volksbühne.     According to Westernhagen, these concerts aren’t  about “to shoulder the guitars and do business as usual. It should be interesting for you and us.“ (more…)
Once again ARD youth radio programmes are searching for Germany’s freshest talent. On Friday 9th of December 2016, nine young musicians and bands will get the opportunity to present their musical talents in the final of the New Music Award in the rehearsal rooms of Black Box Music in Berlin. The winner will not only receive the sought-after trophy, but also a springboard into the music world. (more…)
  On September 30th, the British artist Tom Anholt has presented  his second exhibition „inside Out“ in cooperation with  the Eigen + Art Lab in a former industrial building.  A place where more storage space for all the  sound-/light-/video-/ stage-equipment and a new rehearsal hall of Black Box Music in Berlin Wilhelmsruh is currently beeing built. This  new reheasal hall will offer even more space and possibilities for rehearsals on the greatest stage concepts.   (more…)
  For the public, the Rammstein World Festivaltournee celebrated it’s grand finale with deafening cheer and Mano Cornuta on Sept 10th in Buenos Aires. For us it is closing in just  a view days from now!   After shipping  arround the world for more than six month, the containers will be returned to berlin next week,  stuffed with BBM Equipment. Welcome Back our dear movinglights and lighting desks, microfones and monitors, soundconsoles and many more ( even if it’s not for long).     (more…)
Could Laurie Blue Adkins, mother to Adele, possible have guessed when she named her daughter that her little treasure would one day number among the “Adel” (nobility)? And we don’t just mean musical nobility here. In 2013, the singer was royally honoured with an OBE. And as if that wasn’t enough of a crowning achievement, Adele also scooped up two coveted trophies in the same year with her contribution to James Bond, “Skyfall”: a Golden Globe and an Oscar. (more…)
Who would have thought that, at a young age, Andreas Bourani gave some of his best performances in operas by Puccini and Mozart? It’s not unusual, though, for a musician to have classical training, but if we’re honest we’re delighted that he decided on modern pop music. Most recently, since the whole of Germany celebrated the Jogi Löw’s national team with his world cup anthem “Auf uns” [“To us”], he is a household name. But the two-time Echo winner was no blank sheet (more…)
The German artist Sarah Connor is just as tough striding through life as her namesake from Terminator, we have long been aware of this. But the two are alleged not related, although we’re not so sure we believe it. Both of them have a fire underneath them. Moreover, Sarah Connor seems to feel slightly drawn to robots. After all, she did the German voice acting for the metal lady Cappy from the film Robots. (more…)