AudioRent Clair has announced the acquisition of TDA, the newest organization to become a part of the Clair Global family of companies. (more…)
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Adele – a name everyone knows, as well as the incompareable, powerful voice behind her. It’s not surprising that her shows neither require dancers in tight outfits or high-tech special effects, nor a costume change every two songs, because Adele’s concerts focus on what is supposed to be focused on. The music.   Black Box was honored to be part of the tour of award-winning and world musician Adele and provide the entire sound equipment for her 105 arena shows across Europe, the USA, Canada and South America. And it’s far from beeing over yet! (more…)
Production Partner reports about Black Box Music at the Jennifer Rostock Tour: „The new lighting concept, that was first developed in three days at the premises of the Berlin designer (…) and then rehearsed three days in the rehearsal hall of Black Box Music, it went on the road.“ (Production Partner “Big Look without Big Budget” 2/2015 issue)
Event Rookie reports about Black Box Music at the Marteria Tour: „All the equipment was supplied by Black Box Music and with the responsible for the technical service the decision was made to use equipment from Martin Professional.“ (Event Rookie “From the football field on the Stage” 4/2014 issue)
Event Rookie reports about Black Box Music at the Sido Tour: „The required equipment was delivered by Black Box Music from Berlin, where the team has already rehearsed in advance.“ (Event Rookie “Rapper cozying up” 4/2014 issue)
FOH Online reports about Black Box Music at the Cher “Dressed to Kill” Tour: „Keeping with the international theme, the sound company handling the North American tour is Black Box Music of Berlin, Germany. Founded in 1992 by managing director Thilo “Baby” Goos, Black Box Music (BBM has since grown into a large operation. The company complex includes full-on staging, lighting, sound and production services, with a 500-box L-Acoustics inventory and the ability to simultaneously support up to seven major tours.“ (FOH Online “Dressed to kill” June 2014 issue)
Lighting&Sound America reports about Black Box Music at the Cher “Dressed to Kill” Tour: „For his PA, Bracey relies on L-Acoustics, provided by Black Box Music, of Berlin, Germany. He is generally a fan of L-Acoustics, but admits, “We considered other systems as well. We were very open-minded about what we were going to take.” Bracey used the L-Acoustics K1 box on the Pink tour; this time around, however, he had another option to consider: the brand-new K2 cabinet.“ (Lighting&Sound America “Cher gets dressed to kill” June 2014 issue)
Event Rookie reports about Black Box Music at the Max Herre Tour: „For both, we and the audience, enjoyed a two and a half hour concert, the acoustic presence really impressed with respect to its dynamics and clarity and caused goose bumps.“ (Event Rookie “hundrets inputs (un)plugged” 8/2014 issue)
The journal of Berlin “Berliner Zeitung” reports about Thilo Goos, the director of Black Box Music: “(…) We are service providers. The biggest battles were actually the ones no one put it past to us: “Berliner Philharmoniker”. Or look at the “Seefestspiele Berlin” with Katharina Thalbach´s restaging of Mozart´s „The Magic Flute“. (more…)