TDA Live GmbH becomes TDA Clair GmbH

AudioRent Clair has announced the acquisition of TDA, the newest organization to become a part of the Clair Global family of companies.

TDA has built an outstanding reputation over the past decades as a 360° touring supplier for national and international artists. Led by Steve Todeskino and his team, TDA is driven by an unwavering commitment to quality.


Toni Scherrer, Jason Heitmann and Philipp Kaetel, Directors at AudioRent Clair agreed, “For us, it was clear from the first meeting – this is it. TDA represents absolute high-quality work done with integrity in a very neatly run company with people who care and enjoy what they do.”


In addition to supporting touring clients, TDA brings an affiliated rehearsal hall, One2One Studios, and a fleet of trucks providing an added value for clients. TDA Clair is now the second Clair Global company in Germany after BBM Clair in Berlin. With similar portfolios, TDA Clair and BBM Clair’s synergies can be found not only in logistics but also in the exchange of industry knowledge.


TDA’s “can do” mentality aligns effortlessly with Clair Global’s mission to boldly advance technology-driven experiences.
Understanding that the live entertainment business is built on trust and reputation, TDA’s principals, Steve, Ruth, Maike & Jana Todeskino are looking forward to sustainable growth within the Clair Global network and to making the Bottrop location and all its employees accessible to new customers and markets.


TDA Clair now has access to Clair Global’s entire live sound product portfolio including Adamson Systems, Clair Global Cohesion Series, d&b audiotechnik, and L-Acoustics. Furthermore, large quantities of mobile IT infrastructure (Clair Data Services), intercom (Riedel Bolero, Riedel Matrix, ClearCom FreeSpeak) as well as radios are now available in large quantities – all with the corresponding support provided globally.


“I didn’t expect the call. When Toni, Jason and Philipp came to talk to me, it felt good. When Shaun and Matt Clair came to see me, I felt really comfortable, and when I got to meet Troy and the whole group in Lititz, I knew it was the right move to lead TDA into the future.”
(Steve Todeskino)


If you have any questions please contact Toni Scherrer: