L-Acoustics for the Adele live tour AU/NZ

Adele – a name everyone knows, as well as the incompareable, powerful voice behind her. It’s not surprising that her shows neither require dancers in tight outfits or high-tech special effects, nor a costume change every two songs, because Adele’s concerts focus on what is supposed to be focused on. The music.
Black Box was honored to be part of the tour of award-winning and world musician Adele and provide the entire sound equipment for her 105 arena shows across Europe, the USA, Canada and South America. And it’s far from beeing over yet!
In February, the Adele Live Tour continues with 11 spectacular stadium shows and “Hello” will be heard live “from the other side” of the world in Australia and New Zealand for the first time. In June, the british singer also performance the stadiums of her home country.

Adele 05

Photo: © Ralph Larmann


In order to reproduce the soul-touching voice of Adele in a crystal-clear and powerful sound, as it should, Black Box has again staked it’s inventory on PA loudspeakers and monitors from L-Acoustics. Soon, those will be shipped with more sound equipment, like microphones, mixing consoles to Australia, for the Adele live tour.

13932949_1241148865919038_8147658239193246986_nPhoto: © L-Acoustics

Black Box Music supports the Adele live tour Australia/ New Zealand with following L-Acoustics gear:

144x L-Acoustics K1

48x L-Acoustics K2

32x Subwoofer L-Acoustics KS28

16x L-Acoustics KARA

105x Controlleramp L-Acoustics LA-8

10x Controlleramp L-Acoustics LA12X

2x L-Acoustics 108P

6x L-Acoustics X15-HiQ
Total stock of L-Acoustics Speakers at BBM:

144x Line Source Array L-Acoustics K1

198x Line Source Array L-Acoustics K2

96x Line Source Array L-Acoustics KARA

60x Line Source Array L-Acoustics KIVA

32x Line Source Array L-Acoustics ARCS-II

16x LF-Extension L-Acoustics KILO

64x Subwoofer L-Acoustics KS28

114x Subwoofer L-Acoustics SB-28

30x Subwoofer L-Acoustics SB-18 (1

48x Subwoofer L-Acoustics K1-SB

2x Subwoofer L-Acoustics SB-15 P

9x Subwoofer L-Acoustics SB-15 M

8x Subwoofer L-Acoustics SB-118

8x L-Acoustics KIBU SB (KIVA, KILO, SB15M Bumper) inkl. SB15MRIG 

16x L-Acoustics 8XT

16x L-Acoustics 5XT

36x L-Acoustics 12XT

4x L-Acoustics 112P

10x L-Acoustics 108P

40x L-Acoustics 115XT-HiQ

28x L-Acoustics FM-115

24x L-Acoustics X15-HiQ

28.02. Perth – Domain Stadium, 04.03. Brisbane – The Gabba, 05.03. Brisbane – The Gabba, 10.03. Sydney – ANZ Stadium, 11.03. Sydney – ANZ Stadium, 13.03. Adelaide – Adelaide Oval, 18.03. Melbourne – Etihad Stadium, 19.03. Melbourne – Etihad Stadium, 23.03. Auckland – Mt Smart Stadium, 25.03. Auckland – Mt Smart Stadium, 26.03. Auckland – Mt Smart Stadium, 28.06. London – Wembley Stadium, 29.06. London – Wembley Stadium,

01.07. London – Wembley Stadium, 02.07. London – Wembley Stadium