Exhibition Tom Anholt – INSIDE OUT



On September 30th, the British artist Tom Anholt has presented  his second exhibition „inside Out“ in cooperation with

 the Eigen + Art Lab in a former industrial building.  A place where more storage space for all the  sound-/light-/video-/

stage-equipment and a new rehearsal hall of Black Box Music in Berlin Wilhelmsruh is currently beeing built. This

 new reheasal hall will offer even more space and possibilities for rehearsals on the greatest stage concepts.


The artist Tom Anholt creates  narrative moments and abstract elements on canvas by applying the

principle of the scenic collage on his latest paintings. His works are part of an architectural concept,

which created a harmonous esemble in conncection with the large industrial hall, and  opened up

new perspectives on the complex art pieces.




About the artist: Tom Anholt was born in London in 1987; since 2010 he lives and works in Berlin.

Anholt creates a sense of the mythical and dream-like in his oil paintings whilst at the same time

anchoring them within a sober, lucid everyday. For Arnoldt, painting is a process of  discovery; with

no preconceived plan, the works evolve during the painting process. The results are paintings that

contain traces of their production, like scars from a battle.





© EIGEN + ART Lab and the artist

Photo: Otto Felber, Berlin