For the public, the Rammstein World Festivaltournee celebrated it’s grand finale with deafening cheer and Mano Cornuta on Sept 10th in Buenos Aires.

For us it is closing in just  a view days from now!


After shipping  arround the world for more than six month, the containers will be returned to berlin next week,  stuffed with BBM Equipment.

Welcome Back our dear movinglights and lighting desks, microfones and monitors, soundconsoles and many more ( even if it’s not for long).



© Olaf Heine


Just the anouncements for  the Festival Season 2016, made Rammstein fan’s hearts beating faster already in autumn 2015.

A few month later the rehearsals for the worldwide festival tour took place in the BBM Rehearsal Hall 2.


At 25 festivals, headliner Rammstein rocked the  field, from  Germany to Canada aswell as  from Russia all the way to Argentina.

Black Box Music Powered the Rammstein Festival Tour 2016,  provided  the  lighting rig, sound equipment and entire logistics.



rst-inst-02-matthias-matthies© Matthias Matthies


Rammstein Festival Set 2016  – Light

15x Movinglight FALCON Beam 3K , 229x Movinglight GLP Impression X4BAR 20, 90x Movinglight GLP Impression X4BAR 10, 78x Movinglight GLP GT1, 52x LED Outdoor Stroboskop/Blinder/Washlight SGM Q-7 RGBW, 14x Movinglight FALCON Beam 7K, Lighting Console MA GrandMA 2 Fullsize, 7x Network Processing Unit MA NPU für GrandMA 2 System, 9x MA 8Port Node, Optisches Multicore NEUTRIK OpticalCON Quad Extreme 150m, 4x OpticalCon Neutrik Blende, 6x Switch Cisco SG300-20, Movinglight VARI*LITE VL3000 Spot, Nebelmaschine Viper 2.6



Rammstein Festival Set 2016 – Sound


Digidesign Venue Profile, Waves V9 Plug Inn, TC M-3000, Lexicon PCM-70, Compressor Vertigo Sound VSC-2, Compressor Universal Audio 1176 LN, Dolby Lake Controller


Monitor / Stage

DIGICO SD7, Waves Soundgrid Server, Waves V9 Plug inn, Floor Monitor L-Acoustics 115XT-HiQ, Controlleramprack L-Acoustics LA-RAK, Sennheiser IEM 2000er Serie, Shure UR Serie, Sennheiser 2000er Serie, Microfonie: Audix + Sennheiser, Shure,Beyerdynamic + Neumann, Radial Di Speakers


Rammstein 3 x Show Waldbühne 8.+9.+11.07.2016 Berlin 2016 – PA

32x L-Acoustics K1, 36x L-Acoustics KS 28, 24x L-Acoustics K2, L-Acoustics ARCSII Nearfill, L-Acoustics KARA Nearfill + Delay, L-Acoustics KIVA Delay, L-Acoustics LA-RAK + LA-RAK II, Controller LAKE LM 44, Sidefill: 12x  L-Acoustics K2, L-Acoustics SB 28, L-Acoustics LA-RAK


…And many more!

The entire light and sound equipment was on their way through the world as a double pack and was energized alternately.