Sarah Connor on “Muttersprache” tour


The German artist Sarah Connor is just as tough striding through life as her namesake from Terminator, we have long been aware of this. But the two are alleged not related, although we’re not so sure we believe it. Both of them have a fire underneath them. Moreover, Sarah Connor seems to feel slightly drawn to robots. After all, she did the German voice acting for the metal lady Cappy from the film Robots. Sarah Connor’s new album “Muttersprache” [“Mother Tongue”] proves that she is also very versatile and always reflects the zeitgeist without seeming false. It’s all a little calmer and a little more serious – and above all, it’s all in German. The times when she sung with Wycleff Jean
about nocturnal escapades as a teen are long gone. On the new album, we hear the mature, grown-up family woman Connor who has something to say. A few years ago, we really put Sarah Connor in the right light. Now, on her current tour, we can also support her tone. This gives us the opportunity to listen a little more closely to when “Muttersprache” can tell us all about ourselves.


Summer shows 2016
19.07. Regensburg – Thurn und Taxis Schlossfestspiele, 20.07. München – Tollwoodfestival, 21.07. Bonn – Kunstrasen, 22.07. Freiburg – Zelt- Musik- Festival, 28.07. Saarbrücken – Messegelände, 29.07. Füssen – Barockgarten, 30.07. Balingen – Marktplatz, 03.08. Meerseburg – Schlossplatz, 10.08. Halle (Saale) – Freilichtbühne Peißnitz, 11.08. Dresden – Filmnächte am Elbufer, 12.08. Coburg – Schloßplatz, 13.08. Salzkotten – Dreckburg, 19.08. Ulm – Klosterhof Wiblingen, 20.08. Bochum – Zeltfestival Ruhr, 23.09. Zürich Maag Halle


Shows 2017
14.03. Stuttgart – Porsche Arena, 15.03. Leipzig – Arena, 16.03. Düsseldorf – Mitsubishi Electric Halle, 18.03. Berlin – Mercedes Benz Arena, 19.03. Bremen – ÖVB Arena, 21.03. Dortmund – Westphalenhalle 1, 22.03. Hamburg – Barclaycard Halle, 23.03. Braunschweig – Volkswagen Halle, 24.03. München – Olympiahalle



Black Box Music had the honor to give Sarah Connor and her outstanding band a warm welcome at our reheasal facilities Atelier and Probehalle 2. Black Box Music provided Sarah Connors tour with following gear, which was transported with 7 x Mercedes Benz 40t



LIGHTS: 49 x Robe BMFL Spot, 25 x Clay Paky A.Leda B-Eye, 14 x Vari*Lite 3500 Wash FX, 7 x AKA Rosa Luxembug, 31 x GLP Impression X4Bar 20, 13 x DWE 4- Light Blinder, 2 x Robert Juliat Cyrano, 1 x Robert Juliat Heloise Truss Follow, 1 x GrandMa 2 Full, 2 x GrandMa 2 Light, 2 x MA NPU, 2 x MA 8- Port Node, 2 x MA Networkswitch

RIGGING: 7 x MTS Pantographen, 44 x Chainmaster D8+ 500kg, 12 x Chainmaster D8+ 1000kg, 41 x Hof MLT Truss 2,4, 2 x Hof MLT Truss 1,2

DEKORATION: 80 x Gerriets G2 trigger, custom build kabukki matter, Soffitte, gaze, Lasergaze


Fotos: © Bertil Mark