Marsimoto on Tour


Marsimoto is the stage name of the THC-heavy alter ego of the rapper Marten Laciny, who is also known by the name of Marteria.The green freak, one of the split personalities of the Rostock native, who has at least three hearts beating in his chest, takes the release of what is now his fourth Marsi album, Ring der Nebelungen, as the occasion to make his way to earth and hammer it into heads in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, in a helium voice with a heavy dose of bass.


Marsimoto and his gang can be seen live in the following cities:

24 November, Hamburg; 25 November, Hamburg; 27 November, Rostock; 28 November, Frankfurt am Main; 30 November, Zürich; 1 December, Vienna; 2 December, Ulm; 6 December, Leipzig; 7 December, Munich; 9 December, Würzburg; 10 December, Mannheim; 12 December, Saarbrücken; 13 December, Bielefeld; 15 December, Cologne; 16 December, Dortmund; 17 December, Bremen; 19 December, Berlin.

The following BBM equipment is going on the road in a 40-ton Mercedes Actros tractor-trail:



1x Digidesign Venue Profile digital mixer; 1x DIGICO SD8 48/8 digital mixer; 4x Sennheiser SR2050-IEM-CW IEM transmitter, with 11x Sennheiser EK2000-IEM-CW IEM body-pack receiver; 4x Shure UR4D-P8 UHF receiver with 6x Shure UR2-P8 UHF hand-held transmitter; and Shure Beta58UHF microphone capsule, various Shure and Sennheiser mics

1x GrandMA 2 light; 1x MA NPU; 8x CLAY PAKY A.Leda B-EYE K20; 2x CLAY PAKY Super Sharpy beam light; 6x CLAY PAKY Sharpy; 24x SGM Q-7 RGBW; 4x SGM -7 W; 4 x 4 Major Lite Blinder; 3x Viper 2.6 fog machine; 6x Beamz S-1800 fog machine


The complete stage set was constructed from Bütec platforms (lattice, Plexiglas and sealed plywood).
The Marsimoto mask, including the flying frame, was made in our Workshops.


Photos: ©Paul Ripke