Sido on Tour


Within the German-speaking countries, Sido is among the most successful rap artists. Sido, who was born in Berlin, started doing rap music in the late nineties, took up speed starting with 2003 with his first great hit “Mein Block” (“My Block”) and has so far gained a very faithful and steadfast fan community by his performance. Besides rap music, the jack-of-all-trades has meanwhile also made his name as a very busy businessman. Besides his work as an artist, Sido has built and developed a second mainstay marketing his own vodka, managing his own tattoo studio and producing and writing for various German-speaking artists.
Whenever Sido is set to go on tour with his musicians, he likes to come to rehearse in our Studio rehearsal room; later on, they will move with the complete tour production to the large rehearsal hall 2 in order to set up, check and configure the complete tour equipment to get it ready for the tour together with all technicians involved. After that, there will be rehearsals including the entire material under live conditions.


Black Box Music had the privilege to lend its support to Sido and his crew with the following sound equipment:


PA 24 x L-Acoustics SB-28, 48 x L-Acoustics K2, 14 x L-Acoustics ARCS-II, 06 x L-Acoustics KARA, L-Acoustics LA-RAK, complete PA rigging
MONITOR Avid S3L system, Senheiser IEM, Sennheiser 2000 series with MD 9235 microphone heads, 4 x L-Acoustics SB-18
FOH Digidesign Venue Profile, L-Acoustics SB-15 P, L-Acoustics 108P


While on his Liebe Live 2015 tour, Sido will stop over in the following cities:

01/11 Frankfurt on the Main, 02/11 Hof, 04/11 Heilbronn, 05/11 Saarbrücken, 06/11 Würzburg, 07/11 Ravensburg, 08/11 Neu Ulm, 10/11 Schwenningen, 11/11 Munich, 12/11 Ratisbon, 13/11 Stuttgart, 14/11 Cologne, 16/11 Essen, 18/11 Freiburg, 19/11 Mannheim, 20/11 Augsburg, 21/11 Bamberg, 23/11 Zwickau, 24/11 Göttingen, 25/11 Hanover, 26/11 Bremen, 27/11 Lingen, 29/11 Bielefeld, 30/11 Münster, 02/12 Erfurt, 03/12 Magdeburg, 04/12 Emden, 05/12 Kiel, 06/12 Hamburg, 07/12 Berlin


Photo: ©Tino Felsner