The Studio in Wing 6 is Finally Completed


It has been done; our studio on the 4th floor of Wing 6 is completed! We had made it our objective to use the 1,000 m2 floor space of our studio more reasonably. What we wanted to get is not just a large space, but a large space, a flat, a gym and some decoupled recording studios. After a short planning phase, the building work could get under way. The following spaces have been created: Now the Studio with a useable surface of 550 m2 invites to rehearsing above the roofs of Berlin. The studio comprises a fully furnished eat-in kitchen including a large eating area, two large production offices which may also be used as a comfortable double bedroom, with showers and bathrooms of course also being available. Those who haven’t really burned off all their energy during rehearsals are welcome to use our attached sports and fitness corner; a fitness trainer may be booked in Addition.


Atelier 01Atelier Fitness

Our fully air-conditioned studio apartment is a 180 m² large flat built room into room consisting of a large eat-in kitchen area, 5 double bedrooms and well-kept sanitary facilities. The large living area may be used as rehearsal space, studio or control room. Two of the double bedrooms may also be used as studio recording rooms. The rooms are interlinked among each other as well as with the control room and the large living area respectively. In each of the rooms, NF terminal panels and enough power are available. This is an ideal place for rehearsing, gathering ideas or producing for whoever wishes to do so.

Apartement 04Apartement 03

Fotos: © Steve Herud