MARK KNOPFLER’S Tour in the US and Canada


Telegraph Road, Sultans of Swing, Brothers in Arms, Money for Nothing and many more, all of them songs by Mark Knopfler, head of the Dire Straits. With a 120 million records sold the winner of several Grammy awards is among the top artists of the rock and pop scene. Mark Knopfler has been performing for 20 years as a solo artist and very successful at it. Black Box Music has just equipped his current concert tour through Europe on the current album “Tracker”, and before long he will be performing across the pond in Canada and the US, with Black Box Music being involved also there.

following gear will be used in the US and Canada:

48x L-Acoustics K2, 06x L-Acoustics KARA, 04x L-Acoustics ARCS2, 08x L-Acoustics SB28, 24x L-Acoustics LA8 in special mini-dolly

02x Digico SD7, 02x Digico 192kHz Mini SD-rack, 04x Digico 192kHz SD-rack, 01x Aviom System, 02x TC M6000

02x DBX162, 24 Radio channels IEM/UHF US frequency band, 40x Radial DI-Box active /passiv


10.09. Vancouver  CA / 11.09. Woddinville  USA / 13.09. Portland USA / 15.09. Salt Lake City USA / 16.09. Las Vegas USA

18.09. Berkeley USA / 19.09. Los Angeles USA / 20.09. Santa Barbara USA21.09. San Diego USA / 23.09. Morrison USA

25.09. Austin USA / 26.09. Dallas USA / 28.09. Kansas City USA / 29.09. Minneapolis USA / 30.09. Milwaukee USA

2.10. Chicago USA / 3.10. Indianapolis USA / 4.10. Ann Arbor USA / 6.10. Toronto CA / 7.10. Montreal CA / 9.10. Boston USA

10.10. Mashantucket USA / 11.10. Albany US13.10. Pittsburgh USA / 14.10. Niagara Falls CA / 16.10. Red Bank USA

17.10. Philadelphia USA / 18.10. Washington D.C. USA / 20.10. New York USA / 21.10. New York USA / 22.10. Durham USA

24.10. Atlanta USA / 25.10 North Charleston USA / 27.10. St. Augustine USA / 28.10. Melbourne USA /

30.10. Cleawater USA / 31.10. Fort Lauderdale USA


Photos: © Max Schwarzlose