IFA Sommer garden

Foto: © Max Schwarzlose

The IFA or Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin (“Berlin Radio Show”) took place for the first time in 1924 in Berlin. As the years went by, the Berlin Radio Show, which started as a simple exhibition, developed to become one of the most important marketing events for new products in the home entertainment industry. But the event, which has been staged on an annual basis since 2005, has also developed into a magnet for cultural events. Thus, in addition to the large number of events staged by the exhibitors in the exhibition halls, there is the summer garden stage organised by the IFA. The summer garden has developed into a permanent institution and has become an important cultural magnet. In addition to the daily day programme on the summer garden stage, there is also a number of hugely popular evening concerts. For instance, there is the annual Radio Fritz cycle of concerts “Die neuen Deutschpoeten” (“The New German Poets”), which is a prime quality festival featuring without exception fresh, young and congenial artists of German language. Every year, the charismatic location on the exhibition grounds directly at the Berlin Funkturm attracts thousands of visitors.

Black Box Music had again the honour to attend this year’s event and equipped the summer garden stage with the following equipment:


LIGHT: 30 x Movinglight ROBE BMFL Spot, 28 x Claypaky ALeda B-EYE K 20, 8 x SGM Q7, 12 x SGM P5, 18 x 6erBar, 35 x 4-Lite-Blinder,
12 x 8-Light Blinder, 2 x Verfolger Robert Juliat Aramis, 1 x Grans MA 2 Fullsize, 1 x Grand MA 2 Light, 1 x Flying Pig Wholehog 4,
1 x Flying Pg Road Hog 4, 1 x Flying Pig Hog 4 Playbackwing, 2 x MDG Atmosphere, 2 x Viper 2.6 Touring

SOUND: Main-PA 16 x L-Acoustics K1, 8 x L-Acoustics K2, 8 x L-Acoustics ARCS II, 24 x L-Acoustics SB28

Delay-PA: 12 x L-Acoustics K2

Side-PA: 12 x L-Acoustics Kara

FOH: 1 x Digidesign Profil, 1 x Digico SD9

Monitor: 1 x Digidesign SC 48, 12 x L-Acoustics FM 115, 4 x L-Acoustics ARCS II, 6 x L-Acoustics SB 28, 12 channels of IEM Sennheiser SR 2050


Fotos: © Max Schwarzlose