40 Years of KARAT


The familiar sound of their hits takes the visitors on a journey through time back to their youth and back again into present. The men around Claudius Dreilich put a spell on their fans right from the first song. Despite the rain, the atmosphere in the well-filled Berlin Waldbühne is enthusiastic.Fans hug each other, singing along with their idols’ hits and pieces without any mistake. Matthias Reim and Gregor Meyle pay a visit to the band and sing jointly with Karat singer Claudius Dreilich.The culmination is the percussion duel of the two drummers Schwandt and Schneider. Black Box Music was allowed to attend this event and provided the band with the following sound, light and video equipment.


40x L-Acoustics K1, 18x L-Acoustics K2, 36x L-Acoustics SB-28, 4x L-Acoustics ARCS-II, 4x L-Acoustics SB-18,

4x L-Acoustics 115XT-HiQ, 8x L-Acoustics LA-RAK, 4x L-Acoustics LA8, 5x L-Acoustics LA4x, 1x Soundcraft Vi6,

1x Digico SD8, 2x IEM Sennheiser SR-2050, 4x IEM Sennheiser EK2000


32x Martin MAC101, 24x Clay Paky Alpha Spot QWO 800 ST, 12x Martin MAC Aura, 19x Clay Paky Sharpy,

7x ARRI 2kW Fresnel lens, 8x Major 4-Lite Blinder DWE, 20x GLP Impression 120RZ, 12x Expolite ELP-60

2x Robert Juliat Aramis 2.5 kW, 6x JARAG PAR30 Blinder, 20x Chromlech Elidy-Big PX102, 2x MDG Atmosphere Hazer

2x Look Viper 2.6 fog machine


9x LED wall with a total of 140 m² EKTA LVM 8C-vpR, 2x EKTA ERMAC SPU005 controllers,

1x ImagePro-3G, Neutrik OpticalCon fibre optic cabling