Cro Mello Tour

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Cro is one of the most successful rappers in Germany. His track “Easy” catapulted him directly into the charts in 2011 – and into the hearts of his fans. Cro was able to even top the incredible success of his debut album “Raop” with his second album “Melodie”. His music sounds like summer: easy, breezy and lighthearted, apparently his recipe for success.

The „Mello“ tour started in Switzerland on November 5th 2014, followed by shows in Austria and Germany. Support act in Germany was rapper DCVDNS. He already performed at the „Bundesvision Song Contest“ and wears glasses as a “mask”. Besides him, Cro had two more special guests: his label buddy Teesy and the young rapper Dajuan, who has also contributed to the new album.
The 90-minute show included

a song-battle of the song „DU“ between a girl and a boy from the audience and a piano piece by Cro and Teesy on a second stage that was placed in the middle of the audience, slowly elevating the artists. The tour ended at the Schleyerhalle in Stuttgart, Cro´s hometown, on Dezember 6th 2014.

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Black Box Music provided the sound, lighting and video technology for this tour, plus the trucking with 05 x semi trucks Mercedes Benz Actros, 04 x semitrailers, Spier/Sommer, Mega-Trailer and 01 x Curtain – Sider. For the sound, 16 x Line Source Array L-Acoustics K1, 16 x Line Source Array L-Acoustics K2 und 16 x Subwoofer K1-System L-Acoustics K1-SB were being used for the Main PA, for the Side PA, Nearfill and Delay 08 x Line Source Array L-Acoustics K1, 16 x Line Source Array L-Acoustics K2, Line Source Array L-Acoustics ARCS-II + L-Acoustics 115XT-HiQ and 2 x Line Source Array L-Acoustics KARA, plus 40 x Subwoofer L-Acoustics SB-28 and L-Acoustics LA-RAK in Touring Dollies for the amping. The sound at the FOH and monitors was mixed with a Digidesign Venue Profile. For video, the following equipment was being used: 148 x EKTA LVM 9C-HC Rental 4 Panel, Controller ERMAC Ultra SPU 005, HD-vision mixer PANASONIC AV-HS450, Digital File Recorder AJA Ki Pro Rack, Folsom ImagePRO-3G HD/SDI, crossbar Black Magic Video hub 20×20, 02 x Sony HD Robotic camera BRC-Z700 + Sony RM-BR30 and remote control unit for Robotic-Cameras of the BRC-Series. For the lighting on the main stage, 16 x SGM P-5 Floodlights, 02 x Hazer MDG Atmosphere ATM-HO/APS as haze machine and 01 x fog machine Viper 2.6 were being used. For the 2nd stage 08 x Clay Paky Alpha Spot QWO 800 and 08 x Color Kinetics ColorBlast TRX were being used. Light deck at FOH: Flying Pig Hog 4 Full Boar, follow spots: 01 x Robert Juliat Super Korrigan as truss follow, 02 x Robert Juliat Lancelot as front follow and Telex wireless intercom system.

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Photos: © Nico Pospiech