Berliner Zeitung “the east german American Way of life”

The journal of Berlin “Berliner Zeitung” reports about Thilo Goos, the director of Black Box Music:
“(…) We are service providers. The biggest battles were actually the ones no one put it past to us: “Berliner Philharmoniker”. Or look at the “Seefestspiele Berlin” with Katharina Thalbach´s restaging of Mozart´s „The Magic Flute“. A lot of people thought, that the members of Black Box are Rock’n’Roller, tattooed an all black. Once nobody has ever associate Blax Box Music with The Flying Steps, Howard Carpendale or the Summer Festival of the Federal Presiden. (…).”

(Berliner Zeitung “the East German American Way of Life” from 14.08.2014)