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Several thousand bewildered souls went to see the shows of the „world´s greatest band“ the 16th and 17th May 2014. Whenever the three „Knorkators“ are playing live in Berlin, you can be sure that there will be things happening on stage your mother tried to protect you from. For 20 years now, Knorkator are enriching the cultural life of the endangered educated middle class and everyone else with ingeniously weird lyrics and a battering of the eardrums.
It was a stroke of luck, that keyboarder and composer Alf Ator, vocalist Gero “Stumpen” Ivers and guitarist Bastian “Buzz Dee” Baur founded the band Knorkator during the years after the German reunification in Berlin – a band with such musicality, who decided to act deliberately pubertal and to dismantle classic rock music in order to reinvent it with virtuosic playfulness and rough irony. The result is a mixture of Schlager music, art song and heavy metal.

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Black Box Music provided the entire light and sound equipment for this tour. For the PA, 24 x dV Dosc, 02 x dV – SUB, 06 x Arcs 2 as nearfill and 12 x SB 28 were used. Amping was complemented by LA-Raks . As sidefills, 04 x Arcs and 02 x SB 218 were used and as drumfills 01 x Arcs and 01 x dV SUB. At the FoH, everything was mixed with a DIGICO SD 9. For the lighting, the following equipment was used: 08 x Clay Paky A.Leda Wash K10, 04 x GLP Impression 120RZ, 05 x SGM P – 5, 06 x Color Kinetics ColorBlast TRX, 10 x Floorspot PAR64 (CP62), 16 x Chromlech Elidy-Big , 11 x Martin Viper Performance, 05 x Mac 700 Profile, 08 x 6er Bar PAR 64 (CP60), 13 x 4 Light Blinder DWE, 05 x ETC S4 Profiler, 03 x follow spots RJ Super Korrigan and 01 x Chamsys MagicQ MQ100 Pro 2010 + Wing.

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© Photos: Kay Zimmermann