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Howard Carpendale made an impressive come-back after taking a creative time-out. In March 2014 he went on a large-scale tour through Germany, Austria and Switzerland with his new album „Viel zu lang gewartet“ („Waited much too long“).
The album that he created together with a team of well-established musicians and young songwriters in a recording studio near the East Side Gallery in Berlin shows the entire spectrum of the versatile entertainer.
The tour started on 6 March 2014 in Timmendorf. A golden watch was displayed on stage, showing the time remaining until the artist would enter the stange. After that, the audience could enjoy two hours of excitement, melancholy and fun. The mixture of pop, rock and recitative is somewhat new to the performance of the 68year-old, the basic sound of his music, however, has not changed.

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Black Box Music provided the entire light, sound and video equipment for this tour. The stage set was designed and built especially for Howard Carpandale at BBM´s in-house workshops.
The following lighting equipment was being used on this tour: 30x VL3000 Spot, 14x VL3500 Wash FX, 48x Mac Aura, 30x SGM SP-6 LED flood lights, 22x Color Kinetics ColorBlast TRX, 11x 4-Lite Blinder, 12x 2-Lite Blinder, 2x Robert Juliat Cyrano follow spots and 1x MDG Atmospere Hazer. Flying Pig Hog4 and Flying Pig Road Hog4 with Playback Wing were being used as mixer consoles.
The following video equipment was being used: 126x EC-10 LED Panel, 140x EC-20 LED Panel, 2x Catalyst Mediaserver, fiber optic cabling, 1x Sony DXC-D55WSPL camera production unit with 66-times digital zoom optic, 2x Sony BRC-Z700 Robotic cameras with Sony RM-BR300 remote controller and with a Panasonic AV-HS450 video mixer including a 42” multiviewer. The stage was built of a special Bütec stage set. The rigging was done with Chainmaster rigging lifts, Prolyte S52F and HOF ALUTEC Hoffork MLT350 traverses including hinges.

The following sound equipment was being used: 30x L-Acoustics KARA, 4x L-Acoustics SB-18, 24x L-Acoustics KIVA, 8x L-Acoustics 5XT, 6x L-Acoustics ARCS-II, 6x L-Acoustics SB-28, 1x DIGICO SD7, 1x TC M-5000, 1x Soundcraft Vi6, 6x Sennheiser SR2050-IEM-CW, 16x EK2000-IEM-CW, 7x Sennheiser EM2050-BW-X and 8x SKM2000-BK-BW.
BBM also provided 3 MB Actros trucks with semi-trailers. Berlin Rock Coaches provided a nightliner for the crew.

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