ALL IN BLACK – BBM in the magazine for truck drivers „ROUTE“

Painted in midnight black, on the road at night: Black Box Music´s new trucks are transporting concert equipment from city to city. Where Rock ’n’ Roll and state–of–the-art motor technology meet: on board of Black Box Music´s trucks! Three new Actros were recently added to the fleet of the service provider for event technology based in Berlin. BBM´s trucks are transporting concert equipment for bands like Seeed or artists like Nelly Furtado, such as loudspeaker boxes, spotlights or the drummer´s stool. Under the hood, there are some extremely reliable motors running with Euro VI aggregates – low–emission and fuel-efficient. Black Box Music is providing an all-round service: conception and realisation of show concepts, equipment rental, rehearsal studios for artists – and transportation. Those trucks run several thousand kilometers each tour. Their midnight black paint not only fits the company´s name perfectly, but also the drivers´ working hours. They mostly transport their cargo from city to city when even Rock´n Roll fans are already sound asleep.

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