Nelly Furtado Tour

In September 2012 – six years after her last album – Nelly Furtado now releases her fifth studio album, named „The Spirit Indestructible“. The long-awaited European tour finally started in March 2013. Nelly Furtado is touring Italy, Switzerland and Slowenia and she is playing 5 shows in Germany.
On Sunday, 3 March 2013, she performed in Berlin. After the performances of Celia Pelli, Dylan Murray and Noah Becker, Nelly Furtado entered the stage punctually at 8pm and excited the audience. The singer, who is of Portuguese – Canadian origin, has not lost her charm over the last years and delivered an excellent performance with a great voice. The audience was delighted by her natural attraction. The high-light of the show was the guest appearance of singer Ray Garvey, who performed the hit „All good things“ together with Nelly.

Before the tour, Nelly Furtado rehearsed her show for 4 days at the BBM rehearsal studios and tested the stage set-up.
BBM handled the complete trucking for the European tour and provided the following equipment: Digidesign Venue Profile, Digidesign Venue SC48, Tascam SS-CDR 200, Floor Monitor L-Acoustics 12XT, Subwoofer L-Acoustics SB-18, Controller amp rack L-Acoustics LA-RAK, Sennheiser wireless microfones , Sennheiser IEM, Motorola mobile radios, MA GrandMA 2 Fullsize, MA GrandMA 2 light, Martin MAC Aura, CLAY PAKY Alpha Spot QWO 800 ST, Sunstrips, LED Studio Single PAR Expolite PAR RGB Pro, Hazer JEM ZR 24/7, fan Martin AF-1, HOF ALUTEC Hoffork MLT350 and Chainmaster 500kg/D8+/24m.

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