Gossip Tour

Beth Ditto and the band members Brace Paine and Hannah Blilie played in front of 5000 people on 18 November 2012 at Velodrom in Berlin and the concert was a huge success.
The highlight of the night was the moment, when the singer didn´t play the encore on stage but disappeared in the crowd, singing an endless version of the song „Heavy Cross“. At the end of the night, she was standing at the monitoring desk, singing „We are the champions“, surrounded by her fans.

Black Box Music provided the entire sound and lighting equipment for this spectacular European tour. Among others, the following lighting equipment was being used: 08 x VL 3000 Spot, 14 x Mac 2000 Wash, 06 x Clay Paky Shotlight, 12 x GLP Impression RZ, 06 x 8-Lite Blinder, 08 x Upstaging Headlight, 06 x Thomas Par16 Battens, 06 x Jarag -5, Par30, 08 x ELP 60, 28 x dimmable luminescent tubes, 04 x ACL – Bar and a Grand MA Full Size Series 1. The sound equipment contained 24x L’Acoustics V-Dosc, 32x L’Acoustics Dv-Dosc, 14x L’Acoustics Arcs, 12x L’Acoustics FM115/HiQ115 and 36x L’Acoustics SB218.

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