The Federal President´s garden party

The festivity hosted by Federal President Joachim Gauck took place September, 8th and 9th at Schloss Bellevue. Joachim Gauck welcomed the guests on both days by giving a speech from the Parkstage.
There was also a cultural program at the Schlosspark on both days with concerts on two stages in the evenings.
One highlight was the concert of the German-Polish youth orchestra, one of Europe´s oldest trans-border youth orchestras. Furthermore, there were dance performances and acrobatics shows performed by young emerging artists from the „Staatliche Ballettschule Berlin und Schule für Artistik“. The reggae band „Jahcoustix“ and the rock band „Station 17“ from Hamburg also gave concerts at the Schlosspark. The musical main act of the event, however, was Rea Garvey.

Black Box Music had the privilege of providing the entire sound and lighting technology for this event. To illuminate the palace and the park, the following equipment was being used: LED-Single PAR Litecraft MiniPAR AT-3, LED Floodlights Litecraft Chipo RGB, Expolite Tour LED 42CM IP67; HQI Floodlights, Martin Mac 700 Profile, Studio Due City Color CC2500/C IP54, Arri Fresnel lenses and LED mobilight event 2.0 WDMX. Regarding the sound technology, main and side-stage were being equipped with L-Acoustic Kiva, L-Acoustic SB 28, L-Acoustic LA-RAK, L-Acoustic MTD, Digidesign SC 48, L-Acoustic dV-Dosc, L-Acoustic SB 218, L-Acoustic ARCS, L-Acoustic RK12/4 Ampracks, with a PM5D RH at the FOH and a Digico SD8 in the Monitor, L-Acoustic FM 115 Monitoring with LA-RAK Amping, L-Acoustic 8XT, transmission paths of the Sennheiser 2000 series, microphones by DPA, Neumann, AKG, Sennheiser, Audix and Sennheiser In Ear Monitoring. As regards lighting technology, CLAY PAKY Shotlight Wash, VARI*LITE VL3000 Spot, GLP Impression 120 RZ, MDG Hazer, Martin MAC 700 profile, ELP 60, Arri Fresnel lenses, a MA GrandMA 2 Light and MA Dimmer were being used.

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