Korn Europe Tour

The rock band KoRn, formed in 1993, is considered to be one of the co-founders of nu metal. The band, who has its origins in Bakersfield, California, is on tour all across Europe with their new Album „Path of Totality“ since the beginning of August 2012. These are the tour dates:

03.08.12 Russia, Veselovka
05.08.12 Bulgaria, Burgas
08.08.12 Slovenia, Tolmin
09.08.12 Hungary, Budapest
11.08.12 Germany, Püttlingen
12.08.12 Germany, Eschwege
15.08.12 Poland, Warsaw
17.08.12 Austria, Vienna
18.08.12 Czech Republic, Trutnov

Black Box Music provides the suitable lighting, sound and video technology for this tour – among others, the following equipment is being used for video and light: Martin Mac III, Martin Mac Aura, Martin Atomic, Upstaging Headlights, Sunstrip active DMX, Chamsys MQ100 Pro, Martin Ec-20, Martin LC2140, Martin P3-100 and a Catalyst Mediaserver. Regarding the sound, the following equipment is being used : Digidesign Profile, Yamaha PM5D RH and a Monitor Splitt system. The HOF MLT Movinglight Truss is being used as Rigging Part.

Photos: ©Sébastien Paquet