Die Toten Hosen Tour

Die Toten Hosen celebrated a terrific comeback after a long break. The Nova Rock festival was one of their stops, where they finished the second day as headliner. Andi, Breiti, Campino, Kuddel and Vom presented their new album “Ballast der Republik”
The Düsseldorf pop-influenced punk rockers celebrated their 30th band anniversary with a combination of their “Best of” and songs from their new album “Ballast der Republik”. Die Toten Hosen proved again, that they are a well-deserved festival headliner. Be prepared for their upcoming tour – here are the latest tour dates:

17.11.2012 DTH Cologne
18.11.2012 DTH Frankfurt on the Main
21.11.2012 DTH Bremen
23.11.2012 DTH Düsseldorf
24.11.2012 DTH Düsseldorf
27.11.2012 DTH Hamburg
28.11.2012 DTH Hamburg
01.12.2012 DTH Munich
02.12.2012 DTH Stuttgart
05.12.2012 DTH Zurich
08.12.2012 DTH Erfurt
09.12.2012 DTH Chemnitz
11.12.2012 DTH Hanover
12.12.2012 DTH Hanover
14.12.2012 DTH Friedrichshafen
15.12.2012 DTH Mannheim
18.12.2012 DTH Basel
19.12.2012 DTH Nuremberg
21.12.2012 DTH Graz
22.12.2012 DTH Vienna
26.12.2012 DTH Dortmund
27.12.2012 DTH Dortmund
29.12.2012 DTH Berlin
30.12.2012 DTH Berlin

Black Box Music equips the upcoming tour and the festival tour with the appropriate technology. Among other things, the following lighting and video technology will be used: moving light VARI * LITE VL3500 Wash FX, Moving Light Martin MAC 101 RGB LED wash light, light ramp EuroLite STP-10 MKII, Strobe + Colorchanger Martin Atomic 3000, moving lights Clay Paky Sharpy, Moving Light Martin MAC 2000 Wash XB, Dome Camera Sony BRC-Z700, Panasonic AV-HS450 multi-format live switcher, Catalyst media server and Flying Pig Road Hog Full Boar. The sound was scheduled with the following material: L-Acoustic K1 KARA, L-Acoustic SB 28/ 18, L-Acoustic KIVA, L-Acoustic ARCSII, L-Acoustic SB 28, L-Acoustic LA-RAK und Riedel Rocknet System.

Photos: © Thomas Mehlhorn