Berlin Chemie AG

The Berlin Chemie AG product manager fought for the title of the best menus against the Star TV Chef Nelson Müller themed by “With pinafore, charm and wooden spoon”. This type of event was organized, which consisted of a thrilling cooking duel and presentation at the Intercontinental Hotel in Berlin. The presenter and Chef Matthias Ruta led by a varied program and at the end of the day there was a show by the celebrity Chef Nelson Mueller.

Black Box Music equipped this duel with sound and lighting technology. In addition, BBM did the entire rigging.
L-Acoustic Kiva / Kilo, L-Acoustic SB 118, L-LA-RAK Acoustic amp rack, L-Acoustic 8XT, L Acoustic MTD 112, Digico SD8 console and Shure UHF with DPA headsets for audio engineering were used. Arri Fresnel light Technically, MAC 700 Profile, ETC Profiler, GLP Impression, MA dimmer and a MA Grand MA Fullsize were made available.

Photos: © Stefan Tietz