DTH Artikelbild The weekend from August 9th to August 11th, 2013 was packed with three great shows on the site of the disused Tempelhof airport in Berlin. „Die Toten Hosen“ started the weekend with their show on Friday, August 9th, followed by two concerts of „Die Ärzte“ on August 10th and 11th. It was the very first time that these two bands were performing (more…)
Silly Artikelbild More than any other band from East Germany, Silly are considered the textbook example of artistically minded and inspirational criticism, wrapped in catchy and stirring songs. For 24 years now, they are performing on large and small stages throughout Germany. The band with lead singer Anna Loos, who is the quartette´s voice since 2006, is touring Germany with the new album „Kopf an Kopf“, (more…)
Frank Ocean Artikelbild Frank Ocean alias Christopher Francis Ocean is touring Europe with his latest album „Channel Orange“. He is playing shows in France, Britain, Sweden, Denmark, Russia and Ireland. During his shows, he is enchanting the audience with his beautiful vocal range and his unique songs. Frank Ocean is an American Hip-Hop and contemporary R&B singer, who started his career writing songs for other artists such as Brandy, Justin Bieber and Beyoncé Knowls. He gave only one concert in Germany at the BMW-World in Munich on 25 June 2013. The show named „You´re not dead“ was completely sold out. Black Box Music provided the entire sound and lighting equipment, the rigging and trucking and also the staffing for this tour. Besides, the entire backline was also provided by BBM. Before going on this Europaen tour, Frank Ocean rehearsed at BBM to be perfectly prepared. Four trailers were loaded with the required equipment (more…)
FWE Artikelbild The Greenville Festival and the Helene Beach Festival took place on the same weekend, that is to say from July, 25th to July, 28th, 2013. About 10,000 people went to see the Greenville Festival at the MAFZ in Paaren im Glien, Brandenburg, while about 15,000 people were partying at the same time at the festival site right at the Helene lake near Frankfurt/Oder. At the Greenville Festival, there were two open – air stages plus one hall with another stage (and continuous DJ line – up), where dozens of national and international artists were performing during this festival weekend. (more…)
Production Partner 9-2013 Production Partner reports about Black Box Music at the Summer Rave 2013: “In close cooperation with Black Box Music who provided the production, there was a selection for each floor, and as I said, each floor had “exclusive” lamps.” Production Partner “About-face and variety: Summer Rave 2013” from Magazine 9/2013)
Event Rookie #5 Event Rookie reports about Black Box Music at the Berlin Summer Rave: “It is the second time that Black Box Music provided the entire sound and lighting equipment for this event. In the first two years, PA systems by L- Acoustics were being used and they absolutely met the promoter´s requirements.“ (Event Rookie “Airport summer party“ from Magazine #5, 2013)
Berlinermorgenpostlogo The Berliner Morgenpost reports about Black Box Music: “The clients called Rammstein, Seeed, In Extremo, Beatsteaks, BossHoss, (more…)
Strassenfeger No.15 The Strassenfeger reports about Black Box Music as a training company: „Black Box Music stands also for a responsible enterprise with a healty growth, an ideal apprenticing company with social charge and is location bound.“ (Strassenfeger “Rock’n’Roll is to be the best training company” from Magazine No.15, July 2013)
Haus 6 Artikelbild Sorry, this entry is only available in German.
Summerrave Artikelbild Since 2009, the A&P summer rave, one of the biggest and most spectacular raves in Europe, takes place every year at four hangars of the former airport Berlin Tempelhof. On 25 May 2013, the event started around 9 pm and more than 20,000 people came to party all night long with the most popular DJ´s of the techno scene. Among others, these artists were performing that night: Lützenkirchen, (more…)