Strassenfeger No.15 The Strassenfeger reports about Black Box Music as a training company: „Black Box Music stands also for a responsible enterprise with a healty growth, an ideal apprenticing company with social charge and is location bound.“ (Strassenfeger “Rock’n’Roll is to be the best training company” from Magazine No.15, July 2013)
Haus 6 Artikelbild (more…)
Summerrave Artikelbild Since 2009, the A&P summer rave, one of the biggest and most spectacular raves in Europe, takes place every year at four hangars of the former airport Berlin Tempelhof. On 25 May 2013, the event started around 9 pm and more than 20,000 people came to party all night long with the most popular DJ´s of the techno scene. Among others, these artists were performing that night: Lützenkirchen, (more…)
PAZ 2 The Pankower Allgemeine Zeitung reports about Black Box Music: (more…)
Ausbildungspreis Artikelbild On 6 June 2013, the best training companies in Berlin were awarded by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce and it was Black Box Music that won the award in the category „training company up to 50 employees. BBM not only offers the apprentices the chance to acquire hands-on experiences by supervising stages at the carnival of cultures, for example, or planning exhibition stands – the company is also supporting exchange projects with other companies and the apprentices have the chance to acquire additional qualifications. Besides, regarding non-technical (more…)
Berlinermorgenpostlogo The Berliner Morgenpost reports about Black Box Music at the “Ausbildungspreis”: (more…)
Artikelbild DTH „Die Toten Hosen“ made it: on 14 May 2013 ( their 30th anniversary on stage) they sold their millionth ticket for the current tour! According to their label JKP, this tour is one of the biggest tours in the German-speaking world regarding the numbers of spectators. On 12 October 2013, the band will play the final show of this tour in Düsseldorf. Until then, they are playing 61 shows altogether, 53 of them are already sold out. 50.000 DTH fans are expected for the concerts in Freibug and Berlin. Until now, most of the concerts of this tour are already sold out. There is, however, still a chance to purchase tickets for the following tour dates: 24.05.13 Regensburg, Danube Arena (sold out) 25.05.13 Austria – Innsbruck, Olympics Hall (sold out) 31.05.13 Bochum, Rewirpowerstadion (sold out) 01.06.13 Bochum, Rewirpowerstadion (sold out) 07.06.13 Hanover, Expo Plaza Open Air (sold out) 09.06.13 Switzerland – St.Gallen, AFG Arena (sold out) 11.06.13 Munich, Olympics Hall (sold out) 14.06.13 Heilbronn, Frankenstadion (sold out) 15.06.13 Gräfenhainichen, Ferropolis 16.06.13 Kassel, Auestadion (Hessentag) (sold out) 21.06.13 Bocholt, Stadion am Hünting (sold out) 22.06.13 St. Wendel/Bosen, Festwiese am Bostalsee (sold out) 23.06.13 St. Wendel/Bosen, Festwiese am Bostalsee 29.06.13 Cologne, RheinEnergieStadion 07.07.13 Hoyerswerda, Seenland Festival 13.07.13 Freiburg, Messe Open Air (sold out) 20.07.13 Schweinfurt, Willy-Sachs-Stadion (sold out) 09.08.13 Berlin, former airport Tempelhof (sold out) 22.08.13 Dresden, movie nights on the bank of the River Elbe (sold out) 23.08.13 Dresden, movie nights on the bank of the River Elbe (sold out) 24.08.13 Neu-Ulm, Wiley Open Air (sold out) 28.08.13 Rostock, IGA Park 29.08.13 Hamburg, Hamburger Kultursommer (sold out) 31.08.13 Minden, Weserufer 06.09.13 Bayreuth, Hans-Walter-Wild-Stadion 07.09.13 Mannheim, Maimarktgelände 11.10.13 Düsseldorf, Esprit Arena 12.10.13 Düsseldorf, Esprit Arena (sold out) Festival dates 2013 06.07.13 Switzerland – Locarno, Moon and Stars (new) 18.-21.07.13 Cuxhaven – Deichbrand Festival 19.07.13 Switzerland – Bern – Gurtenfestival (sold out ) 15.-17.08.13 Austria – St. Pölten – FM4 Frequency Festival 21.09.13 Konstanz, Rock am See You can expect some great shows!                  Black Box Music is providing the entire sound, light and video technology for this tour. Among others, the following equipment is being used: 48 x L-Acoustics K1, L-Acoustics V-DOSC, L-Acoustics SB-28, L-Acoustics KARA, L-Acoustics ARCS-II, L-Acoustics K1-SB, system amp rack L-Acoustics LA-RAK, system amp rack L-Acoustics RK-12/4, L-Acoustics 112XT, Digidesign Venue D-Show, Waves MAXXBCL, Vertigo Sound VSC-2, Yamaha PM5D-RH, L-Acoustics FM-115, L-Acoustics KUDO, Sennheiser IEM and wireless mikrophones, VARI*LITE VL3500 Wash FX, Martin MAC 101, Martin MAC 2000 Wash XB, Martin Atomic 3000, Clay Paky Sharpy, followspots Robert Juliat Lancelot, MA –Dimmer and Telex wireless intercom, etc. Photos: © (more…)
BBM Presse Daimler AG AB Painted in midnight black, on the road at night: Black Box Music´s new trucks are transporting concert equipment from city to city. Where Rock ’n’ Roll and state–of–the-art motor technology meet: on board of Black Box Music´s trucks! Three new Actros were recently added to the fleet of the service provider for event technology based in Berlin. BBM´s trucks are transporting concert equipment for bands like Seeed or artists like Nelly Furtado, such as loudspeaker boxes, spotlights or the drummer´s stool. Under the hood, there are some extremely reliable motors running with Euro VI aggregates – low–emission (more…)
TVoG Artikelbild The 8 semifinalists of the „Voice of Germany“ contest went on tour and played 9 shows in Germany, proving that they are able to entertain a big audience even without the support of their famous coaches Rea Garvey, Nena, The BossHoss and Xavier Naidoo. The concerts were almost sold-out and a lot of equipment was being used. 6 trucks and 4 nightliners were needed in oder to transport the 90 people of the crew (more…)
Event Rookie #3 Event Rookie reports about Black Box Music at the CRO Tour: “As far as the sound was concerned, this show had everything you can ask for: rough bass and great speech intelligibility. And the lightshow was eye candy with a hundred per cent output.“ (Event Rookie ” Carlo macht den Panda” from Magazine #3 2013)