Cher Artikelbild FOH Online reports about Black Box Music at the “Dressed to Kill Tour” of Cher: “Keeping with the international theme, the sound company handling the North American tour is Black Box Music of Berlin, Germany.” (FOH Online, “Cher “Dressed to Kill” Tour”, June 2014 production Profile)
Knorkator Artikelbild Several thousand bewildered souls went to see the shows of the „world´s greatest band“ the 16th and 17th May 2014. Whenever the three „Knorkators“ are playing live in Berlin, you can be sure that there will be things happening on stage your mother tried to protect you from. For 20 years now, Knorkator are enriching the cultural life of the endangered educated middle class and everyone else with ingeniously weird lyrics and a battering of the eardrums. It was a stroke of luck, that keyboarder and composer Alf Ator, vocalist Gero “Stumpen” Ivers and guitarist Bastian “Buzz Dee” Baur founded the band Knorkator during (more…)
Howard Carpendale Artikelbild Howard Carpendale made an impressive come-back after taking a creative time-out. In March 2014 he went on a large-scale tour through Germany, Austria and Switzerland with his new album „Viel zu lang gewartet“ („Waited much too long“). The album that he created together with a team of well-established musicians and young songwriters in a recording studio near the East Side Gallery in Berlin shows the entire spectrum of the versatile entertainer. The tour started on 6 March 2014 in Timmendorf. A golden watch was displayed on stage, showing the time remaining until the artist would enter the stange. After that, the audience could enjoy two hours of excitement, melancholy and fun. The mixture of pop, rock and recitative is somewhat new to the performance of the 68year-old, the basic sound of his music, however, has not changed. Black Box Music provided the entire light, sound and video equipment for this tour. The stage set was designed and built especially for Howard Carpandale at (more…)
Berlin Live Artikelbild Three days in a row, from 22nd till 24th of September, the TV channel arte was recording Berlin live- not at Trafo as in the previous years, but at BBM´s concert hall, where famous bands like SEEED have already rehearsed their shows. Two shows were recorded each night with an impressive line-up. For the first show, the Swedish rock bands „The Hives“ and „Graveyard“ went on stage and made a great start for the night. The alternative Hip-Hop band „Käptn Peng und die Tentakel von Delphi“ followed by Sophie Hunger took over the stage at 10pm for the second recording of the first night. On 23rd of Septemper, „Patrice“ (more…)
Fitzek Artikelbild Sebastian Fitzek celebrated the book premiere of his new thriller „Noah“ on January 18th and 19th at Black Box Music. With his new opus „NOAH“, released on December 20th, 2013, the best-selling author has written a thriller full of suspense taking up a highly topical, controversial issue. The images that have been created in the reader´s minds by this powerfully written story will probably last for a long time. Apposite to this „mental cinema“, the producers Carl Crinx and „Sir“ Maximilian Crinx composed an original soundtrack for this book. Under the name „Buffer Underrun“ they played the soundtrack live with the musicians Jules Kalmbacher and Phil Rittmannsperger during Fitzek´s lection. (more…)
TVOG Artikelbild Sorry, this entry is only available in Deutsch.
Boss Hoss Arikelbild 2013 was a very successful year for The BossHoss: they were jury members of the TV show „The Voice of Germany“, released a new album in October 2013 and went on Germany tour afterwards. The latest album by Boss, Hoss, Russ, Ernesto, Guss, Sir Frank Doe and Hank is called „Flames of Fame“ and with a mixture of rock, country and bigband music, it really does convey the cowboy feeling, especially when played live on stage. October 24th, the BossHoss played a show at the Max-Schmeling-Halle in Berlin in front of an audience of 12,000.00 people. Support acts were the „Jägermeister Blaskapelle“ and „The Graveltones“. The show started with dropping a huge curtain with the band´s logo from the ceiling and went on for about 2 hours, leaving the audience totally excited, (more…)
MRPO Artikelbild For five years now, Max Raabe and Annette Humpe are working together, writing and composing songs. After their platinum-certified album „Küssen kann man nicht alleine“ (you can´t kiss alone), the duo is now working on their next brilliant album „Für Frauen ist das kein Problem“ (that is no problem for women). Max Raabe´s songs are full of insights about love and the interaction between men and women. His way to perform is very charming and humorous – before striking up a song, he always names the composer and the year of release. Max Raabe returned to his home town Berlin in November for several shows at Admiralspalast. He brings the songs of the 1920s and 30s back to life and carries on this kind of musical art. His shows are a real musical experience, again and again, for about 25 years now. Black Box Music provided the entire sound, lighting and video technology for the Max Raabe tour. (more…)
Boys Noize Artikelbild Alex Ridha, better known as Boys Noize, released his 3rd and latest studio album „Out of the Black“ in late 2012 and was performing at all the big festivals in summer 2013 (e.g. Berlin festival , Zurich open air, Rock N Heim Festival, Sonne Mond Sterne festival, Sziget festival , Electro Magnetic festival , Rock Werchter , Eurockeennes festival, Rock am Ring and Beatpatrol). The techno DJ and producer of the record label Boys Noize Records has collaborated with Snoop Dogg, Mr.Oizo, Erol Alkan and did remixes and production for Depeche Mode, Daft Punk, (more…)
CRO Artikelbild The rapper, producer and designer from Stuttgart became one of the most important German artists in a minimum of time, due to his very own musical vision. His success story began with his first album „Raop“, released in 2012 and the same-titled tour. Cro manages to combine the indie scene, the hip hop community and pop radio. After several open – air concerts, Cro played his final show on October 5th at the sold-out „Stuttgarter Schleyerhalle“ presented by Chimperator Live. The live show was shown in about 80 cinemas throughout Germany on October 14th, 2013. Black Box Music provided the lighting and sound technology for the entire tour, as well as the stage machinery. For the PA system (incl. Side PA, Delay und nearFill) 24 x Line Source Array L-Acoustics K1, 24 x Line Source Array L-Acoustics K2, 16 x Subwoofer K1-System L-Acoustics K1-SB, 20 x Subwoofer L-Acoustics SB-28, 08 x Line Source Array L-Acoustics ARCS-II, 12 x Line Source Array L-Acoustics KARA and controller amp (more…)