Berliner Zeitung Logo The journal of Berlin “Berliner Zeitung” reports about Thilo Goos, the director of Black Box Music: “(…) We are service providers. The biggest battles were actually the ones no one put it past to us: “Berliner Philharmoniker”. Or look at the “Seefestspiele Berlin” with Katharina Thalbach´s restaging of Mozart´s „The Magic Flute“. (more…)
Production Partner 3_2014 Production Partner reports about Black Box Music: „Rammstein, Silbermond, Die Toten Hosen and Seeed –if you go to a concert of Germany´s most successful bands you will inevitably notice Black Box Music´s skull logo.“ (Production Partner “It’s only Rock’n’Roll but…” 03/2014 issue)
AOK on Ausgabe 2_2014 The AOK reports about the apprenticeship at Black Box Music: „The twenty-year-old accomplished to obtain his forklift license in only 2 days during the weekend. That was part of his apprenticeship at Black Box Music.“ (AOK Die Gesundheitskasse „On the Road“, 02/2014 issue)
Event Rookie Ausgabe 08_2013 Event Rookie reports about Black Box Music at the TV Show Berlin Live: „But the real star was Black Box Music, showing what they are made of during their first TV production. (…) We have everything on site: electricity, rigging points, backstage area and control rooms – we offer the total package.“ (Event Rookie „TV show at Black Box Music“ 08/2013 issue )
ProductionPartner 2-2014 Production Partner reports about Black Box Music at “Toten Hosen” in Tempelhof: „The PA system in Tempelhof was provided by Black Box Music Veranstaltungstechnik and was being used on the entire „Der Krach der Republik“ tour of the „Toten Hosen.“” (Production Partner „Krach der Republik“ 02/2014 issue)
Fernfahrer Ausgabe 01_2014 Fernfahrer reports about Black Box Music at the “The BossHoss Tour”: “Black Box Music owns ten trucks, two of them were among the five trucks that were used on the BossHoss tour: two brandnew Actros 1845 Lowliner Euro 6, completely designed in black.” (Fernfahrer „Musik Express -The BossHoss on tour“ 01/2014 issue)
Melodie&Rhythmus Ausgabe Januar-Februar 2014 Melodie&Rhythmus reports about Black Box Music: „He founded the company BBM Veranstaltungstechnik in 1992, it grew continuously since then, moved to larger and larger locations until BBM found its place at a former industrial site on the northern edge of Berlin in Wilhelmsruh in 2006. Now, there are three large halls where boxes, spotlights and mixer consoles are being stored, ready to be shipped to places all over the world.“ (MELODIE & RHYTHMUS „Rock`n`Roll shadow economy“, January/February 2014 issue)
Production Partner 9-2013 Production Partner reports about Black Box Music at the Summer Rave 2013: “In close cooperation with Black Box Music who provided the production, there was a selection for each floor, and as I said, each floor had “exclusive” lamps.” Production Partner “About-face and variety: Summer Rave 2013” from Magazine 9/2013)
Event Rookie #5 Event Rookie reports about Black Box Music at the Berlin Summer Rave: “It is the second time that Black Box Music provided the entire sound and lighting equipment for this event. In the first two years, PA systems by L- Acoustics were being used and they absolutely met the promoter´s requirements.“ (Event Rookie “Airport summer party“ from Magazine #5, 2013)
Berlinermorgenpostlogo The Berliner Morgenpost reports about Black Box Music: “The clients called Rammstein, Seeed, In Extremo, Beatsteaks, BossHoss, (more…)